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Insurance & Benefits


The Healthy Business Alliance® program harnesses the collective purchasing power of Chambers of Commerce to negotiate advantages on group insurance and related products and business solutions – often with discounted pricing or exclusive benefits – offered through recognized, reputable companies.

Purchase your employee benefits and business solutions through local insurance agents – so you’re supporting professionals in your community that you know and trust. And, your Chamber has made it easy for you to find and purchase the plans you need by participating in this statewide program available to more than 148 Chambers, serving more than 150 counties throughout Georgia

  • Lower monthly minimums ($3,000 vs $5,000)
  • Lower monthly fees if you drop below the minimum ($2.25 vs $2.50)
  • No charge for paper statements
  • No minimum required to invest in mutual funds, no fees
  • Account is portable. You can change insurance companies and will not have to open a new account
  • Online Enrollment tools for new groups

  • Reduce your company’s workers’ compensation premiums by up to 7.5%
  • Educate employers about the prevention, intervention and elimination of substance abuse
  • Increase productivity in the workplace